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Free Kindle Books About Healthy Habits!

Hi Everyone! I'm so excited to announce that a few talented authors and I decided to get together and offer you all some truly wonderful books for FREE on September 18 2020. These books have been chosen with great care and are geared towards promoting healthy living and habits for kids. Make sure to download your free copy of these amazing books as promo will last for 1 day only!!!! Liked what you read or want to say thank you? Just leave a short review - it will be super appreciated!

You can download all the books at once by following one of these links:

Amazon US -->

Amazon UK -->

Amazon CA -->

Amazon AU -->

Here's a quick overview of the titles in the offer:

The Monster Who Wanted to Stay Healthy: a book about fighting the germs, social distancing, personal hygiene and healthy habits

by Edymar Ablan Pancheco

Germs are all around. And even a monster can get sick because of them, but he sure is willing to put in the work to stay healthy as long as possible!

Meet Monster: He is strong, loves to play and hates the idea of getting a bug.

Monster likes being healthy. How else could he play all day with his friends? But his health has always been so good that he has never heard of germs before... until now. As he learns about invisible viruses, bacteria, protozoa and fungus, Monster feels horrified! What can he do? How can he avoid getting sick? Luckily he has good friends that are willing to share with him all their tips to stay in good shape!

Babaroo the Alien Learns about Hygiene: A Funny Children's Book about Healthy Habits and Rules of Hygiene

by Kate Melton

Babaroo comes to planet Earth again! In the third book of Babaroo Series our little alien has to learn about the importance of personal hygiene and its vital role in keeping bacteria, viruses and germs away and, thus, preventing illnesses.

An Omelet For Evan: A Book of Nutritious Breakfast Food Choices

by Sheri Wall

Is your brain fried trying to feed your finicky eater?

If the answer is "yes," you and your child will crack up while reading about Evan as he scrambles to decide on what to eat for breakfast. More than just a book about a boy and an omelet, this story highlights the inquiring mind of a preschooler and the patience and dedication of his mom. 

Super Farty Pants!

by Paul Wennersberg-Løvholen

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? And what's that smell?

Amelia is just a regular kid. That is until a chance encounter with a very sassy Fairy Godmother that grants her super powers- super farty powers! Amelia begins her journey of self-discovery, and finds that by eating vegetables, she can propel herself through the air! She uses these newfound super powers to fight crime and save the day.

Thank the Chef: A story to inspire mealtime gratitude

by Melissa Sue Walker

Are picky-eating habits on the upswing at your house? Would you like to instill a habit of mealtime gratitude?  This is the book for you!

Margo Pargo can make a gourmet sandwich like nobody’s business.  Making delectable creations is just another one of her secret skills.  But, what happens when Mom and Dad do the cooking?  Will Margo Pargo decide to give dinner a go?  Will she show Dad that she appreciates his creation, just like he enjoyed her gourmet sandwiches?

Ready for Rescue? (Fairytale Fraud)

by Katie Pye

Rapunzel's chance has finally arrived. A valiant young prince is searching for her. A mysterious stranger has told him the tower's secret access. Now all he needs to do is... out for the witch. 

If you enjoy unexpected twists, playful humour, and delightful illustrations, then you'll love Katie Pye's highly entertaining Fairytale Fraud series. With lovely gentleness, the Fairytale Fraud series draws kids into conversation about well-being topics in a non-preachy way!

COVID and the Magical Rainbows

by Sofia Kay

Are you a parent trying to figure out how to explain the pandemic to your young child? If so, this is the story for you! An incredibly cute book about COVID and the rainbows popping up everywhere around the world, this is the perfect story for parents struggling to explain COVID to their children. Written in a simple, engaging manner, the story explains COVID in a straightforward, honest and non fearful way.

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