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Free Books About Monsters, Aliens and Trolls

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

I have yet to meet a kid who doesn’t like aliens, monsters, trolls and other spooky creatures! They are funny and cute and children enjoy their adventures just so much! If your little ones are monster fans too, I have some great news for you!

A few talented authors and I have teamed up to bring you some real MONSTER FUN with as many as 9 awesome ebooks about monsters and aliens to read with your kids! Hilarious, wise, teaching and inspirational, these books will definitely become your kids’ favorites! And the best thing is – They are absolutely FREE to get on AMAZON only on June 23rd and 24th!

Here are Amazon Links to get the Books:

US Link to download:

UK Link to download:

Canada Link to download:

1. Babaroo the Alien Learns about Bullies

by Kate Melton

The adventures of Babaroo the Alien continue! In the second book of the series, Babaroo comes to our planet to make new friends, but instead has to face the bullies. Poor little monster, will he be able to stand up for himself and overcome bullying while learning what is diversity, courage, self-worth and confidence?

2. Thor’s Dreamland Adventures: Trouble in Space

By Megan Yee & Rebecca Yee

After watching a rocket launch into space, Thor falls asleep by the fire and drifts off to dreamland. He finds himself piloting a spaceship and crash lands on a nearby planet. With his ship wrecked, he meets some aliens who he can't understand. What is Thor to do??

3. Where Do Elves Go On Vacation?

by Kim Ann

Santa’s little helpers are ready for their own vacation. After a busy holiday season all around the world, the elves can’t wait to visit someplace fun. But with the whole planet at their fingertips, where will they go and what will they do?

4. How To Tame My Anxiety Monster

by Melanie Hawkins

Do you have an Anxiety Monster? Is there any way to tame him? Can he be a helpful Monster that you may not mind having around? Find out in this delightful new book with practical solutions just for kids that deal with anxiety!

5. Eddie The world’s Greatest Creature

by Kayleigh Mackie

In Eddie’s quest to become the world’s greatest creature, can he learn to be himself? A charming picture book with an important message, full of fun rhymes and delightful illustrations!

6. How to cure a MINE monster!

By Brittany Plumeri

Scientist Noah has been working hard to find a cure for the selfish "MINE" monster inside all of us! Follow along this interactive story, where you can jump, turn, shout and use kind words in different “test” situations.

7. The Hope Monster

by Rebecca Yee

It's always there... Lurking in the shadows. The monster that everyone needs is the one you don't expect. Follow Sheldon the HOPE Monster, as he sees what you're scared of and shows you how to have hope even in scary moments.

8. The Monster Who Loved Throwing Stones

by Edymar Ablan Pacheco

We all mess up sometimes. But we can always make amends.

Monster loves collecting stones more than anything in the world. But collecting stones can sure get lonely for a monster who is the only one of its kind. One day he sees a boy throwing rocks in the sea. Now this looks like real fun! But what happens when Monster tries to do the same and ends up throwing a rock a bit too carelessly?

Can an unintentional incident be the beginning of the friendship of a lifetime?

9. My Brother is a Troll

by Joey Acker and Melanie Acker

Billy's sister thinks he might be a troll!

Come join Coral in discovering if her brother is really a troll or just a strange and stinky brother. He is loud, super messy, never wants to take a bath, and is ALWAYS up to no good (what a rat)!

Could he really be a troll or is it just his sister’s imagination?

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