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My books


Babaroo comes to planet Earth again! In the third book of Babaroo Series our little alien has to learn about the importance of personal hygiene and its vital role in keeping bacteria, viruses and germs away.


The adventures of Babaroo the Alien continue!
Babaroo comes to our planet to make new friends, but instead has to face the bullies.  Poor little monster, will he be able to stand up for himself?


When Babaroo the alien visits planet Earth for the first time, he feels so hungry that he starts trying everything he sees and gets into trouble! Will he be able to find good food on our planet?


A heartwarming and magical story that will convince children that Christmas is much more than simply finding presents under Christmas tree and let them discover the true Christmas spirit 



 An absolutely adorable bedtime story about a little brave girl who overcomes

fear of the dark.

This book for kids is a perfect way to teach your children the basics of personal hygiene and ways to stay healthy.


This cute rhyming story about a little dinosaur will teach your children good manners and friendship.

Cutie Sue is ready for new challenges! 
This time, she is set to overcome her laziness and achieve amazing results in sports!


Those we love don't go away! 

This absolutely special story helps young children understand that death is natural, and that grief and a sense of loss are normal feelings for them.

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